Fitness - Kick it body fitness EMS

Solution for back problems

EMS is a very effective way to improve functional performance, and therefore the quality of life by eliminating back pain. An imbalance in the postural muscles in the back, abdomen and pelvic floor can cause a variety of uncomfortable symptoms, including back pain. EMS can specifically target and train these difficult to reach muscle groups, […]

Joint-friendly training

Our machines provides training regardless of age. Through the combination of EMS with low impact exercises, stress on the joints can be reduced to a minimal level compared to other sports (including regular training with weights), thus it is an extremely effective way to avoid injuries.

Decrease body fat %

EMS devices cause the burning of calories in the following way: calories are burnt in significant amounts when most of the body is involved in physical exercise. It optimally requires several muscles, the heart and the respiratory system all engaged at once. Muscle developing and cardiovascular training can in turn increase metabolism and lead to […]

Helps in skin problems

EMS technology can boost blood circulation on the skin surface which aids in the re-shaping of the body and smoothens subcutaneous tissues. It can assist in increasing blood supply of the tissues adjacent to the muscles. Muscle contraction is one of the most effective methods which can be used in the fight against cellulite and […]

Boosting metabolism

Boosted metabolism can be reached in three ways with KICK IT Body fitness EMS training. Low-frequency stimulation can increase local blood circulation which results in an increased metabolic rate and increased lymphatic circulation. Using medium frequency stimulation a higher caloric burn can be achieved. Strength or muscle development training (using higher frequency stimulation) is extremely […]

Helps in getting back into shape after childbirth

KICK IT Body fitness EMS training can help mothers to get back into shape after childbirth. Muscle developing and cardiovascular training can increase metabolism which in turn leads to a greater number of burnt calories, so energy consumption increases. Furthermore, time efficiency of EMS training is extremely important. The 20 minutes workout session is equivalent […]

EMS in cellulite treatment

Numerous studies have proven that training and treatments applying EMS technology cause the blood and lymphatic circulation to enhance near the stimulated muscle area. Circulation is increased due to the intensive muscle work and through enhanced muscle pump, at which time the localized blood and lymphatic veins contract and release as well. It is through […]