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EMS Benefits

Fat Loss

Every person’s body works differently; everyone has a different body structure. That is why some people gain extra fats while others don’t. However, EMS weight loss training can help to lose fats and burn calories. If an intense level of workout is ensured in EMS training, then any amount of weight can be dealt with a balanced diet, our professional trainers, and regular EMS sessions at KICK IT BODY FITNESS.

Gaining fat can be hereditary or as a result of unhealthy eating habits. In either of the cases, the body starts to compile fats and causes several health problems. EMS treatment for weight loss is essential because the presence of fats in the body creates several health issues and attracts many diseases.

Our EMS training approach uses a muscle stimulator for weight loss, the mechanism involves impulse, and therefore, these impulses are used to burn the calories from the body. People rely on EMS therapy for weight loss because it has substantially shown positive results for various clients at KICK IT BODY FITNESS EMS.

Regular EMS training sessions in our studio can help to actively burn the fats in the body, which may be present in the belly, thigh, forearm, and hips. EMS for belly fat is necessary for those who want a flat belly.

Electrical impulses are sent from the electrodes to burn calories and fats. These impulses from electronic muscle stimulators for weight loss are performed2525 intensely because some fats in the body do not burn efficiently. Such muscle fibers can only burn at an accelerated rate of EMS training.

Improve Memory & Focus

For a body to fully function, it is essential to keep the mind healthy. Body and mind are always connected through nerves.

These nerves act as the medium through which the signals of the brain are passed to the rest of the body organs. In the hustle and bustle of life, we often tend to stop paying attention to the health of our minds. The health of our brains is as essential as the health of our bodies. Our EMS training helps in the improvement of the health of our minds.

  • EMS improves memory and focuses by sending the impulses in the muscles and relaxing them.
  • During the training in KICK IT BODY FITNESS studios, the blood circulation in the body increases, which results in an improvement in mobility.
  • The acceleration of blood circulation enables the motoric nerve ending to resound quickly.
  • These nerve endings are responsible for sending the signals to the brain; therefore, when the nerve endings improve, it reflects in the brain activity too.
  • The brain starts functioning with quick reflexes to any activity being performed.
  • Overall, the reflexes of the brain improve memory and focus over a period of time with regular sessions.

Focus and memory are essential elements of every human being. A human can not function efficiently without a proper concentration in the activities that he wants to do. To perform any action, focus, and memory play a vital role. Hence, EMS training provided by our professional trainers stimulates the working of the brain and induces the body to function in a better way.

EMS Can Relieve Your Back Pain

A lot of people who have gone through an injury shy away from fitness. It is not because they are lazy. Instead, it is just because they feel incapable of moving their muscles.

In situations like that, it feels like a dream to get rid of the pain while being fit and active. If you relate to what we are saying here, our EMS training program is just the right thing for you.

With EMS training, you can be assured to get the full benefit of muscle training in an all-new and improved manner. At the same time, EMS relieves your back pain. Here’s how.

  • All the major muscle groups are stimulated with EMS training.
  • EMS training develops motoric nerve connections that are associated with muscle movements.
  • The motoric nerves receive electrical impulses.
  • EMS makes sure to activate all muscles, even the ones that are connected weakly.
  • EMS training uses an irregular order to activate muscle fibers. This implies intense training from the beginning itself.
  • As a result, an increased number of muscle fibers are created at a fast rate.
  • The newly activated muscle tissues demand more energy. This is how more calories are burned, regardless of whether your body is at work or rest.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us to get your queries about EMS resolved.