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About Us


We provide the best EMS training center and price in Dubai. We are equipped with the latest EMS technology in Dubai that provides the opportunity to achieve fitness goals. Only 20 minutes in a week can make you fit. Be fit and healthy with Kick It Body Fitness.

We have EMS Professional Trainer

We have a Profession EMS Certified Trainer to help you with all you need in the EMS workout.

We have Cross Fit Trainer

Helping people change their health, fitness, and improve their everyday lives is my primary goal and foremost passion. KICK IT BODY FITNESS is more than just a fitness center; it’s a place where we are able to make genuine, long-lasting relationships with people and, through those relationships, teach them how to make a difference in their fitness. We help people take control of their health and learn how to improve it each day. With this, we see incredible changes in not only their workouts but their lives as well.

Why EMS?

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is the new way of working out by a wireless device. EMS training is 20 minutes, full-body workout that uses electrical impulses to get a controlled contraction of the muscle very effectively.
Up to 85-90% of muscles are activated during a EMS workout session with the help of electrodes and enables you to accomplish outstanding results in 20-minute workout session.

Decreases Body Fat 95%
Joint-Friendly 90%
Boosts Metabolism 95%
Time Efficiency 100%